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JSON APIIntroduction

General information

  • The base endpoint is: (API key is required)
  • The base public sandbox endpoint is: (API key is not required, rate limited, uptime is not guaranteed)


  • You need API token to access all endpoints.
  • Security token should be sent with every HTTP request you make to the server.
  • If the API keys were accidentally shared, please delete them immediately and regenerate it.
  • There are 2 options to attach token:
    • HTTP header: Authorization: Bearer {token}
    • GET parameter: ?token={token}


  • Server return response as JSON object.
  • Base response format:
    "data": object or string,
    "context": {
        "code": int,
        "request_cost": int,
        "api": {
          "version": string,
          "notice": string
        "time": float

How to get access to data services

Join our Discord server and go to the #faq section, where you can find authorization credentials and keys. We provide free access to data services for students and academics.

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